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About the class


The art of healing class is about healing your heart from pain: Whether that pain comes from grief as a result of losing a loved one, the end of a long-term relationship or marriage, the loss of health as a result of a major illness, or any other pain. Regardless of where you are now, this class can help you process those feelings and enable you to begin the healing.

About the workshop 


This one day workshop will amaze you. You will walk through a process of getting to the heart of your feelings and be lovingly guided on how to address that part of yourself that is asking for healing. The workshop combines writing, artistic techniques, movie clips, music and storytelling to release any lingering grief. We start with the basics, so no prior background is necessary to fully experience this transformation. All you need is to come with an open heart and readiness to heal.

About The Teacher

Mark’s introduction to grief came at the early age of 8 when he lost his mom to cancer. In his mid 40’s he lost his dad to a heart attack. Barley a decade later, Mark lost his 19-year-old son in an auto accident. By overcoming these traumatic events, Mark has gained incredible insights and wisdom that will assist you with your own journey in walking out of the darkness and into the light. Like Mark, you, too, can find purpose and meaning in the challenges life has laid on your path.

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The cost for this all day workshop is $95.00 per person

Space is limited to 12 people so register early

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January 27, 2018


Rosie Bareis Community Campus

1010 NW 14th Street

Bend, Oregon

9am – 5pm

What People Are Saying

“Mark has a gift for creating a safe yet sacred space for others to sit with their feelings and emotions, no matter where that person is on the healing journey. Each person’s journey through this process is unique, and Mark shares his own experiences–offering wisdom, compassion, and understanding —so others can make sense of and reflect upon their own.”

Nicole M., Orlando

“Mark has been acquainted with death and grief since childhood. His continued journey for understanding and growth has brought him to some profound places of clarity and awareness. Mark can speak to the darkness you grapple with in the face of loss and help you to connect with the light within yourself and your circumstances.”                                                                                        Jessa Green

Mark is a kind & gentle man, a teacher who has learned all his lessons on healing first -hand. His personal story of debilitating loss, & how he came back from it, are moving & powerful…& deeply supportive of the healing we all need in our own lives. 

 Mark mixes his intensely personal wisdom with wonderful exercises to help the brain reconfigure around hopeful new possibilities. His course combines writing, artistic technique, & processing grief through storytelling. He starts at a basic level for all three, so it feels safe to step into new territory –  whether or not you think you can write, or draw, or even want to talk about this stuff.               Amanda Roche