man standing by fenceHow I Got From There to Here

I’ve been a fitness advocate since I was a teenager when I started running to shed some unwanted pounds and get myself healthy. Before I knew it I was like Forest Gump and just kept on running, participating in everything from a 5k to marathons. I spent nearly five years competing in triathlons – completing a host of them at the ½ Ironman distance. If you’re not familiar with that race it’s is comprised of a 1.2 mile swim to start, followed up by 56 miles on your bike –  and, for good measure you finish it up with 13.1 miles on the run.

So given that I’ve been doing long distance sports for decades one would think I would have a strong healthy heart.

Unfortunately I found out otherwise at age 57 in March of 2011 when I suffered a heart attack, putting me in the ER with a 98% blockage in the LAD, better known as the widow-maker. I was told by the doctor if I had waited much longer we wouldn’t be talking.

That’s a whole different conversation but it’s safe to say I was missing a major component when it came to heart health and I had some real work to do to be truly healthy again.

So from that day on I decided to make some changes in how I approached my health. I needed to get my health and weight under control. Over the months that followed I lost 35 pounds, got my blood work in the healthy range, and the big thing for me was that with this regimen, I was able to get off all the heart medications. The process was an awakening for me as I saw the pounds slip away and the healthy person in me reappeared.

As my physical health improved so did my mental clarity. I could see others around me struggling with the same issues that put me in the hospital with a heart attack: major stress from my job, long work hours and – the biggest culprit of all – the abundance of processed foods.

So in September of 2011 I decided to become a health coach to help others turn their health around. Since then I have helped a host of people get their lives back on track.

What’s in it for you:

My goal as a health and wellness professional is to help my clients become their very best. To work with them to discover that inner fire we all have to be great. To do that we look at all aspects of health looking at food, our relationship with it, our mental perspective and thought patterns about food. In short I take a more holistic approach in getting my clients healthy.

Most anyone can follow a strict diet program for a period and lose some weight. But to be truly healthy and happy you need to look at the whole picture of how you want to live and feel, not just for this year but for a lifetime.

If you would like to learn more about what I do and the services I offer, check out my Working Together page or contact me. I look forward to taking with you soon.

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