Having a heart attack at 57 and surviving leaves a person scared, somewhat bewildered and almost at a loss as to what to do next. So what is the next step how do you move forward and what should you do?

For me it was a time of reflection. What did I really want, how could I turn my health around? I knew exercise alone wasn’t enough to keep me healthy but I also knew that I have never had any long term success with losing weight. But I had to get started and things were different now; my life depended on me finding a long term solution for my health.

So I began to research the various plans available to get a person’s weight under control and there are a ton of them out there. But once you’ve had a heart attack it’s no longer just about weight, it’s about cardiovascular health. I needed to get my health in order and if I did that my weight would take care of itself.

The program I settled on was created by Dr Wayne Anderson called Take Shape for Life. It has a tried and true weight loss component and comes with your very own health coach. But the real smoking gun is Dr Anderson himself. He developed the Habits of Health, which is a guide to permanent weight control and optimal health. Along with that is his companion guide that walks a person through the process of getting healthy. Those two things along with a free coach were exactly what I needed.

So September 5, 2011 I began my journey. I was 198 pounds, lacking any real energy, foggy headed and basically discouraged about where I was(health wise) in life.

It was a rocky start but after the 1st week I had lost 8 pounds, I was stoked. I’ve never had that type of success before and I was beginning to feel better than I had felt in a long, long time. As the weeks progressed I continued to see success and by the end of the 1st month I had lost 28 pounds. To say I was excited was an understatement, I had never felt better and thanks to Dr Anderson’s Habits of Health I was beginning to understand how I got so unhealthy in the 1st place. I pressed on and each week brought new weight lows and great insights into how I could live a life of optimal health.

By the 2nd week of November I had reached my goal of 163 pounds, I had lost 35 pounds in just 10 weeks. This was awesome but the most exciting part was the changes in my blood work. Before I went on the program I was in the danger zone for everything. My HDL was 162, Cholesterol was 237 now I had a HDL of 109 and Cholesterol of 182. This was phenomenal and was just the beginning and is a testament to Take Shape for Life and the Habits of Health guide Dr Anderson has put together.

So in closing I want to emphasize the importance of taking charge of your health. I know it’s hard to change and move forward especially after a heart attack but you can do it. So make the decision and get started. What I did is just one way, it worked for me and could for you. Regardless, you need to do something, so why not get started today.

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Mark Offenbacher, CHC
Healthmark Coaching Services